Bashoo Zmmarraii .Host TLD Pre-Register Your .HOST Domain Name For Your Hosting Company

.Host TLD Pre-Register Your .HOST Domain Name For Your Hosting Company

.host tldAs the internet space is increasingly clouded with tons of domains then finding new domain name is very hard and thus new TLD has been started to get introduced some 31 new TLD will go live by 2014 and one of it is .HOST and is specially for hosting providers the new TLDs will be officially available in 2014 but you can register a pre-domain even today :)

Hosting companies will now have dedicated TLD (top level domain extension) its a new namespace for hosting providers, the new TLD will go live by 2014 if you are a provider of services like referred domain extension for web hosts, ASPs, ISVs, cloud service then you should not further look for domains but rather go for .HOST TLD

Though you should not wait for April 2014 when the .Host TLD is officially available for you, to expand the internet web naming space Radix Registry (Radix FZC) has taken steps and have took rights from ICANN’S the official body which regulates the naming system of web, Radix has also introduced 31 new TLD to go live in the same year, this will play huge role in diversifying the naming system of the internet

This will greatly benefit users finding hosting company as it would differiate it from other TLD, specifying and targeted host and domain name not only it will differentiate a hosting company also the company will get branding of its hosting company

Increased search efficiency will result as google could easily differentiate a hosting company from a normal site which may post about hosting providers as hosting niche is one of the most toughest keywords and it is very hard to rank for since it would be really easy for google to give the best search results possible for the user

Web hosting community should pre-register there company domain names in open gTLD you can pre-register your domains here


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